Taylor swift dating history zimbio

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In 1977, she married Scientologist Jim Rogers, and they opened a field auditing office in Sherman Oaks they called the Scientology Enhancement Centre.

She divorced Rogers in 1980 and sold the Enhancement Centre, but she still used it with one of her best friends, Kirstie Alley.

But Orth offered no more details on what had happened with Rogers.In 1985, Mimi Rogers met Tom Cruise, who was already becoming a major Hollywood star.They started dating in 1986, and she introduced him to Scientology, taking him to the Enhancement Centre.In Lawrence Wright’s 2013 book, Going Clear, which Gibney’s film is based on, there are a few more details about the split, including a quote from Rathbun about how he took divorce papers to Mimi and told her it was the best thing for Scientology.But Rathbun tells us that there’s a much more involved story than has ever been published about how Scientology was involved in the breakup of Cruise and Rogers.

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