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The person who posted the images advised his Facebook friends to “get married” and come to the Islamic State’s territories in Iraq and Syria.

The poster also fielded questions and reactions from people who commented on the posts — anything from discussing the valuation of the asking price, to how the women looked. The Islamic State has been known to utilize social media to recruit new members worldwide.

Popular resources such as Facebook are just one way to attract the attention of impressionable youth.

Fortunately, the efficiency of blocking jihadist accounts and postings — as soon as possible after their publication — has improved.

They recounted how militants would come to their homes, ask women to remove their headscarves, decide who they wanted and carry them off.

Several of those women conveyed how they were constantly raped and traded prior to their escape.

Webgains predicts a 50 percent increase in online sales of such goods around the Valentine's release of Fifty Shades Darker, which premiered in London on Thursday.

"Burger King presents the Adult's Meal, with an adult toy inside.Experts say that the increased pressure on IS coming from Iraq and Syria may be causing fighters to try to sell sex slaves as a new source of income.A report Saturday in The Washington Post traced the story to a Facebook post from last week.Other brands have focused on different aspects of the feast of St. Snickers has replaced its strapline: "You're not you when you're hungry," with "You're forgetful when you're hungry," attaching free Valentine's cards to billboards at London's Waterloo station.It will also give away 3,000 cards on Wednesday for those who forgot Valentine's Day. K.'s National Health Service is running a Valentine's Day campaign to encourage people to give away a kidney – while they are living.

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