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It was solved by accident on the corner of Rodney and Tillamook Street in Portland, Oregon, as shown in the code above.

Though the clue was found without completing the puzzle, Alex Hirsch provided incentive to complete both the physical and virtual puzzles by saying that if the physical puzzle got finished, he would release the Gravity Falls pilot The View-Master contained slides depicting the area around Confusion Hill in Mendocino County, California.

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One of the slides also contains an image of Snoqualmie Falls, a waterfall known for appearing in the television show Twin Peaks, an inspiration to Gravity Falls.The diagram at the middle left of the image was recognized by Russian fans as an architectural plan of the Kazan Cathedral in Saint Petersburg. What has two legs during the day, four legs during the night, and uh, it's red and white, and, I dunno, I'm no good at these riddles. And if you go up the stairs, there's gonna be a bunch of pictures of nuns on the wall. A certain park in the city is trimmed into the shape of the Eye of Providence. Using the keyword from the original image of Cipherquest, "PINES," the cryptex was opened, revealing the seventh clue and another key."Finally the hunt can begin So switch your Rubles out for Yen Turn left when you're at the shrine's door When you reach the statue turn left once more In the leftmost corner in the back Is the info that you lack A sword and a crescent mark the clue Cipher's statue's calling you." "Consider in your quest for truththe hunter of the fountain of youth400 before his name is written Outside the gate is where its hidden Find what's LOST to pass the test From a Shrine that's east to a Shrine that's west." A community stream found a missing poster for Waddles in the area, but it was water damaged and difficult to read. Jason Ritter, Ariel Hirsch and a small group of fans went down to Century City and successfully found the black pouch, which contained a USB stick with an image of Bill on it. The box also contained an envelope with a drawing of Bill saying "I HOPE YOU LIKE PUZZLES" in code, thirty-seven Stan Bucks with the word "FILBRICK" written in invisible ink on their backsides, one Stan Buck with "FILBRICK" in code written on the front side, and some decoy junk mail.After two more days, Alex sent two images of different sections of the puzzle and a virtual version of the puzzle was created by a fan to get some help.Fans used Photoshop to piece these two images together and then decoded what they could make out.

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