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This was such a great so until the last few minutes.What does everyone have to trash talk Luann behind her back.The big news is that Adam’s apartment fell through and they are going to be living together for the foreseeable future. When the highjackers release my TV back to me, some man at the bar has sent a drink to Ramona. Sonja and Ramona are disappointed in the lack of available men.I am not sure what Carole wants out of this relationship. Tinsley goes bowling with Chad, the twenty-three year old from Boutique. Ramona starts talking to the two women she came with about Tom. Sonja always gives Tinsley the cold shoulder at events with the other girls. There is a guy there that everyone thinks would be great for Sonja.

Luann and Sonja meet out to talk about the issues with Bethenny and Ramona. He’s cute and quite young, he says he is in his twenties. Tinsley just starts making out with the guy, Chad, in the bar. Back at Sonja’s the next day, Sonja starts yelling at Tinsley for turning the heat on.

It’s not just Sonja’s ice that is brown, he water is too.

I do not see how the place has a certificate of occupancy.

Carole and Adam went to this giant rock climbing place. This is an episode of pickups and hookups apparently. The person who reads these things is completely unintelligible and speaks incredibly slowly.

Carole is not really into the whole deal, but when you are dating a much younger guy you find yourself doing ridiculous things like this. Ramona goes to a bar with a girlfriend and aggressively tries to pick up guys at a bar. I still don’t see how people watching TV are supposed to be looking out for a particular vehicle.

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