Dating new testament manuscripts

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The record is then checked for consistency of information, and the claims are analyzed as if it were a legal case, looking for credible testimony with cross-examination. There are some 25,000 early manuscripts in existence, almost 6,000 of which (many being only recognizable fragments) are Greek texts and the others being early translations of the Greek New Testament. There are other versions that confirm the accuracy of the Masoritic Text.There is an enormous amount of evidence for authenticity of the biblical manuscripts. The earliest textual evidence we have was copied not long after the original. The quotations from pre-Christian writing confirm the text.

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However, we have various manuscript copies in museums, monasteries, synagogues, schools and private collections.

Below is list of some of the more notable scribal copies — almost all of which were unavailable to the translators of the 1611 King James Bible (I say this to give you a sense of the amount of emerging data now available to modern researchers).

However, uniformity existed in the West from the fourth century.

The East had to await the seventh century to see an end to all doubts on the subject.

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