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We should never think we can leave our choices up to someone else, like we might do in a group project in school or at work. However, I’ve come to realize recently that the thing that is truly noteworthy about marriage is that it is an ordinance and covenant that one enters into with God AND with another person.

It is a three-way covenant rather than a two way covenant.

He’s emphasizing that we shouldn’t get so caught up in the finding–find a right person. We are looking for a type of person that is a disciple of Christ and that is compatible with you. The President of the Church holds and exercises the keys of sealing on earth.

When a culminating ordinance of the priesthood, to which all others are preparatory.

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Even if there aren’t soulmates, once you commit to marriage, your spouse becomes your soulmate. In a marriage, over time, there is only one person for you–there is no one on this other better suited for you. Uchtdorf) -Pres Kimball: “Soulmates are fiction and illusion…Almost any good man and any good woman can have happiness and a successful marriage if both are willing to pay the price.” But the key is that there is CHOICE involved.

Becoming one is what Christ urges for his disciples in every era and He invites us to become one with each other and with Him as we seek to create Zion. I know that many of you have fears, habits and other challenges to your faith that make entering into the marriage council and covenant frightening, seemingly impossible, too hard, undesirable or unlikely.

Marriage and family unity is the highest form of council that we can all participate in. But Christ’s atonement is available to help you overcome all fears through faith in Him.

Everything we have discussed in our ward about receiving God’s blessings and invitations has been about using our agency to choose to faithfully receive His will and blessings for us.

This is something that we usually think of as individual choice. And we are each responsible for making these choices and living with the consequences of our choices.

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